Buffalo Wild Wings 2011 Sales Figures Will Likely Push Total Assets Above $400 Million – Profits Continue to Beat Expectations

March 22, 2011

February 2012 BWLD Stock Update

As of February 2012, Buffalo Wild Wings (BWLD) has total assets of $495.36 million. This is an increase of 30.35% year over year. The stock price has accelerated higher by 61.33% over the same time span. On February 8th, 2012 the stock price closed at $82.19 which was an all time high at that time. Since then the stock has made several new all time highs as it has recently closed at $87.89

2012-13 NFL Football Season Brings Fans to Restaurants

There is very little doubt that the NFL brings out the passion and fervor of sports fans.  Each and every year the Super Bowl is one of the most popular days to buy wings or pizza.  During the regular season many fans will save money by looking for the Green Bay Packers Radio Broadcast Online but when the Playoffs and Divisional Championship games come around people are much more willing to spend money.  It will be interesting to see how the 2012 NFL plays out for Buffalo Wild Wings as they advertise very hard during this particular time of year.

Stock Analysis of Market Leader in Chicken Wings

On February 9th, 2011 Buffalo Wild Wings reported .55 a share or $10.2 million in the fourth quarter of 2010.  These sales figures topped Wall Street estimates by .02 and helped to push the stock higher almost 13% on the day after earnings.  The numbers reported by Buffalo Wild Wings suggest that 2011 sales figures will push total assets above $400 million this year and possibly even close to $500 million.  With this earnings report, Buffalo Wild Wings stated total assets of $380 million.

The lower cost of chicken wings greatly helped to push profits higher for this Minneapolis, Minnesota based company.  Since going public in 2003 Buffalo Wild Wings has been able to increase assets year over year every single year.  This is very impressive considering that the “Great Recession” hurt many food retailers due to the fact that Americans were spending a significant less on eating out.

Past Performance of Buffalo Wild Wings

Since November of 2003, Buffalo Wild Wings stock (BWLD) has had quite a wild ride with huge swings between $20 and $40 for several years before gaining some traction and pushing towards all time highs around $55 a share.  These all time highs were set during the month of March 2011 and without a correction in the market there is a good chance that this stock could continue to make new highs in the spring of 2011.

While Buffalo Wild Wings does not offer a large number of coupons or discounts they do offer low priced chicken wings in a sports bar atmosphere.  The company has also done a great job of marketing this atmosphere placing television commercials in during key sporting events such as the NFL Playoffs, the NCAA College Basketball Tournament and College Football bowl games.  Buffalo Wild Wings is looking to cater to those who enjoy going out and watching a game with friends.  With the economy improving this demographic could grow quickly over the next few months and years which will help to push Buffalo Wild Wings to even greater total assets.


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