lululemon athletica Assets Explode 69.78% Higher in the Last Year – Yoga Athletic Apparel Catches on Globally

March 7, 2011

February 2012 Updated

In February of 2012 lululemon athetica stock reached an all time closing high of $65.69. Analysts continue to revise guidance upwards was the yoga apparel company has trouble keeping up with demand. The heavy demand is nothing new as the company has seen supply well below demand for quite some time but this is a great problem to have for any publicly traded company.

Yoga Apparel Gets Even More Popular

While millions of customers flock to the local lululemon athetica stores nationwide to purchase their favorite workout apparel there are still many who have yet to experience the culture of lululemon.  It is quite a culture as many lululemon stores offer wellness programs and/or yoga classes on weekend mornings in the store.  There are very few other retailers that offer courses such as yoga, spinning or self defense on site.

Not only can customers take part in these exciting classes but they can purchase the apparel and needs for these classes in the same building.  Over the last year lululemon athletica has seen total assets explode higher by 69.78% while the stock price has soared 134.97%.  Each and every month more Americans gain awareness of this Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada company.

When comparing February 2011 searches for “lululemon” to February 2010 there has been an increase of 32% and it seems each and every month searches come in at an all time high for that particular timeframe.  This is very exciting for the company as they continue to offer a culture that is unmatched.  While most customers think of lululemon for their clothing and athletic ware it is important to realize that they sell many other accessories including bags, yoga mats and fitness equipment.  It is amazing how many men and women are looking to fill their closets with this apparel.

Investing in lululemon Athletica

For the stock price of LULU to continue higher assets must continue to accelerate towards the $1 billion mark.  With around $420 million in assets as of March 2011 there is still quite a ways to go but at the current growth rate it will be just sooner rather than later if global awareness continues.  Over the last several months main investors have opened their eyes to this company as it has been on the IBD 50 list for quite some time.  Recently, LULU topped this list as the #1 growth stock according to Investors Business Daily.

Finding the Lowest Prices and Saving Money

Many people who purchase lululemon brand new often complain about the high prices.  After they complete the purchase and wear the yoga pants a few times many of them completely forget this complaint.  For anyone looking to try out lululemon apparel for the first time it might be a wise decision to check out Edmonton Kijiji listings to see what is out there.  If you are willing to wear some slightly older lululemon apparel you could end up paying half the price.  This would be a great way to save money in 2012 rather than paying $100 for a pair of yoga pants.

Author: Allison Beasley

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